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 Hi Everybody

I have just 1 Slot Classic Ferrari Testa Rossa, built by me from a Slot Classic pre-painted kit, the price is 195, sorry it's so expensive,  but the only way I get get things like this is to pay big money for them. Picture below

Madrid was great fun, I've never done an outdoor meeting in the pouring rain before! It was difficult but what an experience, a couple of boxes are watermarked but no great damage, thanks to Gustavo Carini and all the other guys for their organisation efforts.

Bernard Sampson of Houston Texas has one of the best slot car collections in the world, now you can see it at take a look there really is something for everybody.

Sorry there haven't been many additions recently but I'm very busy this month with toyfairs. By the time I get home from Turin, I will have attended 7 swapmeets in 8 weeks in 5 different countries. It's great fun but even I get tired sometimes!

Gustavo Carini of Madrid is organising an interesting Concours and racing competition on the same weekend as the Madrid Swapmeet in June, details can be found at take a look

                                                         Cheers, Derek

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